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A Collection of Curiosities.

The Spookshow of Curiosity!
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My friends, you are interesed in the strange and unusual, that is because you yourslf are strange and unusual. Are you ready to hear the chilling accounts from all those poor souls who have been through these strange events. Are you ready for the strange world of THE SPOOKSHOW!

Yes friend, welcome to the community for those who love horror, halloween, old movie houses, and much much more. Have you ever had a spookshow, been to one, or just wondered what they were. Or do you spend your time watching, Ed Wood films? This is the place for you!

Share your storie, pictures, come up with ideads for spook shows or ghost shows.... Show art and pictures...

Rules of sorts:

1. Be nice don't insult people, thats messed up.

2. Ads are cool if they are releated somehow! and please nothing ugly.

3. Have fun!!